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We celebrate that we sailed 20 000 NM 2018



A Yacht is a place where everything renews itself day after day. Everyday there is something new to do, learn, explore and see.





To catch your own dinner – nothing tastes better!


Barbecue onboard – todays catch


Welcome aboard to be a part of this extraordinary life and see the world through different eyes. Come and join us on our sail during 2019.  You get to live and sail aboard one of the the most well maintained Amel 54 on the market, a true blue water sailing yacht circumnavigating the world.



Guest cabin 1


This year we will sail from New Zealand to Thailand and you can join us on our sail through SE Asia. You will see exotic places, meet interesting people, snorkel in remote islands – the adventure awaits you!



Guest cabin 2

This is an opportunity to take part in and get insight in planning, passage making, navigation, radar, blue water sailing, line and sail handling, tender driving, anchoring, weather planning and everything else that goes on aboard a cruising yacht.



If you want offshore experience, maybe together with your partner, before you sail off on your own adventures, this is a golden opportunity.

Curious on the cruising lifestyle – come and join us together with your partner








Onboard Ultimo you will be taking part in all jobs onboard such as watches, cooking, cleaning, navigation, weather routing etc. You will live the cruising lifestyle. To join us onboard we expect you to have a positive attitude and to have some basic sail experience. As a person you’re curious, willing to learn and you’re team player that understand the importance of doing your part of the jobs onboard. We take pride in keeping our boat ship shape and expect you to do the same.

Our destinations 2019

Destination Estimated dates Availabllity
New Zealand to Australia Early May Available
The Queensland coast to Torres Strait Late May to Early July Available
Indonesia July-October Fully Booked
Singapore – Malaysia October-November Available
Thailand December-January Available

For more details and pricing please contact us on

This is an opportunity to gain offshore experience and get insight in the cruising lifestyle with high focus on safety and comfort. The adventure is awaiting you….