About us

Conny (56 year)

I spent all summers as a young boy aboard my families motor yacht. When growing up I kept my interest for boats and started very young to work on a marina in Stockholm. For the money I earned I bought a fast little race boat and loved to speed around in the lake Mälaren. Then life took another turn and it was first around year 2000 that we bought a bigger motor boat and started to enjoy the life at sea again.

We tested sailing in Scotland 2013 and was hooked. Thank you Captain Leif Lindberg!

2013 we went to Scotland to find out if sailing was something for us and I was hooked. 2016 after three years of planning we untied the lines and started on our big adventure to sail the seven seas. During 2016-2018 we sailed over 20 000 NM and crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

Carina (58 year)

I grew up sailing with the entire family including my grandparents, and uncles and aunts. We all had boats and my upbringing onboard was fantastic. I learned to take responsibility, learned to sail and navigate.  I was also told many storys from the ocean and saw pictures from exotic places far away when my uncle Björn, our families own Capt’n Haddock, came back visiting us from his many ocean travels.  I believe that during my early childhood those storys planted a first seed of lust for adventures which started growing together with a deep respect and love for the sea.


Jag, Mormor och Morfar någon gång sent 60-tal

Today I’m so grateful, proud and happy that we can call our sailing yacht Ultimo our home with the adress ”somewhere on the high seas”. After more then 20 000 NM we keep on sailing where the wind and curiosity takes us …

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